NOURISH | gundruck


Gundruck is a Nepalese traditional fermented green with a pungent, striking sour flavour. Use the fresh stuff as a flavourful condiment and the dried version in stocks and soups. 

We use a combination of Sandor Katz's Gundruck recipe from his book The Art of Fermentation + Alys Fowler's recipe from her book Abundance



swiss chard or the leaves of radishes, mustard greens, kale or any other brassica leaves - enough (stems and all) to fill your fermentation pot.


2.5 litre fermentation pot
baking tray
vegetable tamper or rolling pin
oven or dehydrator 


Wash greens and place uncovered on a baking tray. Wilt in the sun on a warm windowsill or outside, if weather permits. This should take 2 - 3 days. 

If you are wilting outside, make sure you bring them inside at night to protect from dew.

When the greens are fully wilted - chop, pound, squeeze or crush them until their juices start to release. 

Start forcefully packing the greens into the fermentation pot. Use a vegetable tamper or the end of a rolling pin to press them in tightly. This also helps the greens release more juices. 

Like sauerkraut, the greens should start to become submerged in their own juices but if there is not enough juice, top with filtered water. 

Once the jar is full, cover with lid and place on sunny windowsill. Ferment for a week or up to four weeks (depending on your taste). Top up the gutter if the water falls below the half-way mark.

Once you are happy with the flavour, use a few fresh stems at a time as a condiment or dry in oven or dehydrator for 4 - 6 hours and use like vegetable stock. 

* A white bloom will start to appear when the leaves dry out. No need to worry, it's just the natural yeast which is harmless.