NOURISH | lacto-fermented radishes


Deliciously sour, lacto-fermented radishes are a brilliant place to start your fermentation adventure. They are super easy to make, provide a rich source of probiotics, and have a deeply delicious mellow flavour.



2 bunches of small radishes (whatever type is in season), washed, trimmed and sliced into thick slices


2  tablespoons coarse sea salt
3 cups filtered water

(let your tastebuds guide you)

handful of fresh dill
½ teaspoon dill, mustard, peppercorns or caraway seeds


1 litre fermentation jar
glass weight stone
vegetable slicer or sharp knife
chopping board
jar or measuring jug for brine solution




Clean and dry your fermentation jar and weight stone.

Make the brine solution by adding the salt to the filtered water. Stir until completely dissolved.  

Place flavourings at the bottom of the jar.

Pack radishes into the jar until they are 1 - 2 inches below the rim of the jar, pour the brine over. 

Place the glass weight stone in the jar, or whatever weight you want to use to keep your radishes fully submerged. They must stay fully submerged throughout the whole fermentation process. 

Make sure to leave a little space between the water level and the rim of the jar. 

Stick the lid with the airlock and bung on, making sure it is properly sealed. Half fill the airlock with water. 

Place in a warm spot but not in direct sunlight.

Taste your radishes after 5 days, and if they are not deliciously sour enough for you, leave to ferment for a further 1 - 2 days. 

When the radishes have reached your desired taste, swap the plastic lid with airlock + bung with the glass lid with seal and clamps (both come with our fermentation glass jars), and place in the fridge.

They keep in the fridge for up to 3 months.