We embrace the shift towards living thoughtfully. We aim to provide our customers with the tools and skills to do the same.

We believe that a sustainable business is a work in progress and we are committed to making it better for the planet and our customers. This commitment to transparency and an ethical supply chain means we take great care to research and check the credentials of all our suppliers and in addition, focus on only buying from and supporting small family businesses.




We try to use as little packaging as possible. When it’s unavoidable, we do everything we can to reduce unnecessary waste - from reusing the packaging that our suppliers send us, to collecting and reusing packaging from local businesses that would normally be tossed in the bin, such as egg cartons (a great way to keep our pots safe during transit), sheep’s wool and shredded paper.

If we need to use new packaging, we have worked incredibly hard to find and source materials from reputable green suppliers that are made from recycled materials, and can be reused or composted.


When it comes to our goods, we always keep things simple and carefully choose finished products and raw materials that are produced without the use of toxins or chemicals.